About the company

Targem Games is the largest developer of computer and console games in the Urals. The company was founded in 2002, and today Targem Games is more than 90 like-minded people who love their jobs.

Since then Targem Games has created a lot of games for various platforms — PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android, Fuze and Oculus. The company received awards of the Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI), including ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Best Game Design’ and ‘Most Innovative Project’.

One of the most famous projects of the company is Star Conflict, a dynamic action MMO that allows you to sit at the helm of a spaceship and take part in massive battles of star fleets. Released in 2014, Star Conflict has already gained popularity among players worldwide. In 2016 in Star Conflict started a new Age of Destroyers and the development of the project continues to this day.

The studio's latest project Crossout reached the closed beta test stage in 2016. Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action game where you can use dozens of parts to assemble armored cars with unique designs, and then ride them into heated multiplayer battles. This project has already been presented twice at Gamescom and E3 in 2015 and 2016 as well as at Igromir exhibition.

Arcade survival racing game BlazeRush was among the first thirty games in the world for the ‘Oculus’ platform in 2016. We continue to develop the VR direction and recently we released an add-on to the game, Blazebowl, where players can play football in BlazeRush style.

Among Targem Games' completed projects is the legendary RPG series ‘Hard Truck Apocalypse’, action racing ‘Sledgehammer’, dynamic third-person shooter ‘Swarm’ (‘MorphX’ on Xbox 360), arcade racing ‘Armageddon Riders’ for PC and PS3, a project under license from Codemasters ‘Insane 2’, chess strategy ‘Battle vs Chess’, as well as a strategy with cartoon graphics ‘Planets Under Attack’ and many other games.

Most of company's projects work on a custom in-house engine that supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, and Android.

Projects by Targem Games are published not only in Russia but also in the US, Europe, Asia and around the world. The company's projects are of high quality and original design, which has been repeatedly confirmed by awards:

●     The Most Innovative Project according to MMORPG, E3 2015 — ‘Crossout’;

●     Best Debut according to Game World Navigator, Gamescom 2015 — ‘Crossout’;

●     Editor's Choice according to Goha.ru — ‘Crossout’;

●     Best Graphics at GOTY Awards according to the IGM 2013 — ‘Star Conflict’;

●     The Most Original Online Game according to MMORPG.UA 2012 — ‘Star Conflict’;

●     Best Console Game of KRI 2010 — ‘MorphX’;

●     The Most Original Project of KRI 2008 — ‘Swarm’;

●     Best Action of 2006 according to Gameland — ‘Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans’;

●     Best Game Design of KRI 2006 — ‘Hard Truck Apocalypse’;

●     Best Debut of KRI 2003 — ‘Battle Mages’.

Targem Games' mission is to make gaming a pleasure!

The company's office is located in Yekaterinburg — the scientific, industrial and cultural center of the Urals region in Russia.Ski resorts and the Ural Mountains that divide Europe and Asia are among the most beautiful and attractive tourist regions of Russia. The company regularly conducts corporate events at picturesque lakes, pine forests and snowy slopes, famous for their unique Urals brand of beauty.

If you share our passion for games, join our friendly company! All information on open vacancies can be found at http://www.targem.ru/job/ .

Working at Targem Games is:

●     A career in entertainment and gaming industry;

●     Comfortable and cozy office in the quiet center of Yekaterinburg;

●     Friendly staff and creative jobs;

●     Recreation opportunities: a room with PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360, online games, ping pong;

●     Our own gym right in the office;

●     Regular corporate events and monthly corporate magazine ‘Targem Herald’;

●     Corporate English courses;

●     Lunch discounts and fresh fruit every day;

●     Medical insurance