Attention, Pilots!
All sectors report the appearance of unexplained anomalies and artifacts.
Eyewitness acounts include white humanoid statues made of ice (after preliminary analyzes have revealed that they contain snow from Terra, they were quickly nicknamed "Snowmen").
Trees decorated with garlands were also seen. And even some of the goods in shops were unrecognizably altered by this anomaly.

In addition, the unexplained anomaly also affects the experience and reputation of all players. Now, after each fight, your experience and reputation rewards are doubled! Nobody knows how to stop it!

Do not panic! At the moment there is no information on casualties.
Our scientists are now busy studying the phenomenon. Historians have made the most progress, by linking anomalies with the ancient Earth holiday "New Year". Meanwhile, the anomaly has already been nicknamed the "New Year Syndrome" or simply "NYS".

Be careful!
New Year spirit is lurking nearby!