Attention, Pilots!
Today, a new patch sees the light of day - Star Conflict OBT v0.6.1!
Brace yourselves, for we have a lot in store for you:

First, the updated matchmaking system:
- Reduced the probability of very strong players being matched with the weaker players.
- Changed the team distribution logic, so that is is more balanced.
- Only three modes left: "Combat", "Training", and "Test fight."

Secondly, the changed battle rewards system:
- The technological level of the opposing team does not affect the credit reward anymore.
- The level of income depends solely on the technological level of the player's ships. The higher this level, the higher the reward.
- Adjusted the bonus rewards - now it depends on the player's effectiveness.
- The base bonus reward increases with the technological level of the ships.

And finally, we completely removed the damage to and the need for repair of all modules.
Now you have nothing to distract you from combat missions.

In addition, we have decided to help you with the selection of modules and weapons! We added detailed tooltips that should timely hint which option will suit you best!

This is not a complete list of changes.
Play the latest version of Star Conflict, and you will find lots of interesting things!