The new patch brings us a new game mode called "Combat Reconnaissance!
"Modern technology comes to the front line!

The captain of each team is given a powerful radar, which allows the captain to see all the movements of enemy ships. The radar also provides a signal for the base teleporters: while the captain is alive, the ships of his team respawn infinitely.

Unfortunately, the high-power radar's signal cannot be shielded, so the captain is always visible to all enemy ships. When the captain dies, the ships of his team can no longer respawn.

The game ends when all the enemies are destroyed or the battle's time is out.

If both captains are alive after the timeout, the winning team is the one which killed the most enemies.

The new mode makes the game even more dynamic and is a great treat for the fans of uncompromising battles!

To read the full list of changes in the new patch, please visit the forums.