Dear friends,

we have a big update in the project Star Conflict — v. 1.2.0 ‘Dogs of War’!

It is dedicated to you — our mercenaries!From now on, all players immediately get access to six new ‘Secret Project’ ships! These are special ships that are only available to the most professional mercenaries.
We also have two new locations, ‘Monolith Ruins’ and ‘Sanctuary’.
A new challenge for mercenaries will be an encounter with the Destroyer — an incredibly powerful new enemy that recently appeared in border sectors.
One more exciting adventure for pilots is a new PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’. The players have to defend a peaceful location from the invasion of a large pirate fleet.
Now all the mercenaries, even those not in a corporation have a chance to take part in epic battles of corporate dreadnoughts.
More details on the official website of the project

Thank you for being with us!

Always yours,

Star Conflict team