Dear friends, 
this autumn we have often participated in various exhibitions and festivals, associated with the youth, games, and entertainment in one way or another. Yesterday we were present in the gaming area of ​​the exhibition Discover ICT, held as part of InternetExpo 2015 in the International Exhibition Center ‘Yekaterinburg Expo’. 

Visitors had a chance to test 3D pens, look at inner workings of a 3D printer at various stands. Interactive panels were also presented, and everyone could try their hand at riding electric gyro skates. 
We were stationed at the gaming area, which held cyber tournaments in FIFA, Hearthstone, Mortal Kombat, Dota 2 and Vainglory. We were displaying our own games Star Conflict and Blazerush with Oculus and setting up Blazerush matches with up to 4 people. As always our stand was quite popular. 
This autumn we also participated in ‘U:CON — Halloween Fest’, a festival of contemporary youth culture, costumed performances and innovations in digital entertainment, as well as the Russian festival of youth subcultures ‘Festival of Fiction and Fantasy F3’.