Targem Games turns 15!

27 January, 13:09

We have come a long way, and a small circle of like-minded people has grown into the largest game developer in the Urals region of Russia with more than 90 employees.

We are never afraid to experiment, and over 15 years our portfolio has grown with projects of all possible genres and platforms, from big MMOs to console and VR games.

Targem Games team is proud to have people who love their job, so our main goal is always to make games that are exciting for the players.And after all this time, looking back, we would like to note the projects that still have a special place in our hearts.

Our first stop in this list is of course Hard Truck Apocalypse. The project launched in 2005 in collaboration with our first publisher ‘Buka’. The game has become a legend in the industry. Even after a decade the project is still remembered and loved by players and members of the development team. For many of them it was the first big project of their careers.

Armageddon Riders. This game is also very special since it was our first project released by Targem Games independently on PlayStation 3.On other platforms, the game was published by Game Factory Interactive.

In 2010 we started the fruitful collaboration with Gaijin Entertainment. Together with them we entered the then-new market of online games. One of the most famous and beloved Targem Games projects called the Star Conflict saw the light of day.The game was well received by fans of space and sci-fi, who dream of sitting at the helm of a spacecraft.

In 2015, post-apocalyptic trends and combined experience of Hard Truck Apocalypse and Star Conflict development teams united in the company's latest project Crossout. The project is now at CBT stage and is being actively developed to become the new legend of Targem Games.

Our project BlazeRush also deserves a special mentions, since this is where we acted not only as developers but also as publishers.The game was released on multiple platforms: Steam, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.In 2016 it was among the thirty first-party games for the ‘Oculus’ platform.And now it's getting ready to launch on Gear VR.

We are proud of the work we've done and we thank the players from around the world for supporting our projects. We hope that the next 15 years will be even more productive and exciting!

Star Conflict: Evolution

20 December 2016, 10:00

Star Conflict team congratulates all pilots on the approaching New Year and presents a big winter update Star Conflict — Evolution!

It's time to harness the power of Alien technology for the benefit of mankind! The update offers new missions, adventures, a new space station, and a new ship tree!

The new station is striking both in its size and detalization. But here's the most important part — new ships. It is a special kind of combat starships that is different from everything previously presented in the game.

The first ships will be available to all pilots in January. The bravest pilots have already started gathering the necessary resources for assembly by taking part in the New Year missions from UMC and taking part in tournaments and leagues.

To make sure Star Conflict pilots are ready to meet the unknown fully armed, from December 22 to January 2 a 50% discount is applied to all bundles in the game store and on Steam.


Find out more on the official game website!


28 October 2016, 12:09

Meet the new free add-on exclusive for Oculus Store - American football BlazeRush style!

Now you can assemble a team of friends on the BlazeBowl football field. Develop your own tactics and lead your team to victory. Pass the ball to each other, use feints, shoot and explode — do everything to score a goal!

Check out the update's key features:

  • New game mode BlazeBowl

  • 2 new new characters: Footballer Matthew Hell and the spawn of virtual reality V.E.R.A.

  • Voice chat. Talk to your friends in the game!




Insane 2 is 5 years old!

03 October 2016, 15:11

2011 saw the release of Insane 2, the sequel to a well-known game. The traditional time trial was supplemented with nine more game modes, among which are the familiar ‘Capture the flag’, ‘Gate Hunt’ and ‘Pathfinder’, as well as new competitions, including bonus hunt, zone control and helicopter pursuit.

BlazeRush sale in Humble Store!

09 September 2016, 15:42

Dear friends,

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase the survival arcade race with no levelling and no brakes at a special price!

Buy BlazeRush in Humble Store with a 50% discount!

Sale begins September 8 and will last until September 22.


We wish you a lot of exciting moments and victories!


Always yours,

Targem Games team



Summer discounts on our games!

24 June 2016, 11:32

Up to 75% off on Steam and Oculus Store!

Hot sale season is upon us! Do not miss your chance to buy the game and DLC at the sunniest price on Steam and Oculus Store

Until July 4 buy on Steam:


Until July 5 buy in Oculus Store

  • Blazerush 50% off


BATTLE vs CHESS is 5 years old!

26 May 2016, 14:39

Official website

One of our favourite projects BATTLE VS CHESS was released in May 2011. It launched on multiple platforms, including PC (Windows and Mac), PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and Wii in Europe. The game was very warmly received by players and received high ratings from critics.

Trailer for BattleVsChess gained popularity on YouTube. At the moment, it has more than half a million views.

The project remained popular even after quite a long time, and inspired fans to create models of the game’s characters.

BlazeRush on Fuze

12 May 2016, 15:57

May 10, 2016 in Beijing, saw the official presentation and market launch of the new console ‘Fuze’ running on Android. Our project BlazeRush is among the launch game lineup of the console!

This console is positioned as a home entertainment center. Read more about it on the official site of the project

This is what the console’s gamepad lineup goin to look like:

Over 200 partners have been announced, including Koei Tecmo, Ubisoft, Deep Sliver.The website presents the first 20 games, including Blazerush. Our game is fully localized for the Chinese market.


Finally, some photos taken at the console’s launch presentation in Beijing:







PSN Spring Sale

21 April 2016, 14:44

Have you always been a fan of speed and wanted to try out crazy racing with no brakes? We have wonderful news!

Spring sale is live on PSN Europe. From April 20 to May 4 you can buy BlazeRush for Playstation 4 with a 50% discount!

Do not miss this opportunity!


Crossout CBT starts today!

05 April 2016, 16:35


Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the start of Closed Beta for our online action game Crossout. Starting from today, players will clash in furious battles in the vast post-apocalyptic world.

Players in Closed Beta will be fighting on the outskirts of desolated cities, abandoned factories, in the desert and on a brand new map — Founders Canyon. Also in the closed beta, experienced survivors can use scrap metal and parts collected from battles to build extremely powerful vehicles called Leviathans.

For those who want to start playing right now we are presenting early access kits in the store, which include unique vehicles and portraits, rare paint and patterns, as well as in-game currency (coins). Players will keep all items from the kits when the game moves into the open beta-testing stage.

Access to the CBT will also be available to all participants of the previous stages of game testing. In addition, everyone wishing to participate in the Crossout closed beta-testing can sign up for it on the game's site, and may receive an invitation in one of the upcoming test waves:​

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