Star Conflict 1.4.3: Evolution Factor

11 April, 9:49

In celebration of the first manned spaceflight in human history 56 years ago, Star Conflict team has announced the release of the major Evolution Factor update. Part of the new content is the second Ellydium spaceship as well as the PvE game mode ‘“Ariadne’s Thread”, in which players combine forces against a rogue Artificial Intelligence.

The new innovative ship, which Ellydium shipyards presented to all pilots of the fringe sectors, is the scout interceptor Tai'Kin. The ship includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. Tai’Kin is actually multiple ships at once due to its flexible evolution and customization system that allows for a large number of combinations in special modules and weapons, this fast and maneuverable interceptor will be able to outsmart its competition in many ways.

Star Conflict’s brand-new PvE mode “Ariadne’s Thread” will see players explore the vast and experimental shipyards of the Blackwood Corporation, which is controlled by Ariadne, a sophisticated management AI. After repeatedly freeing itself from human control, it now has gone completely rogue by supplying the dangerous Cyber forces in their recent large-scale attack. With each new start of the mission the composition of enemy units is updated. Elite enemy ships with unique modules can also join the battle and turn the tide on the battlefield. Each new pass also gives players additional tasks that reward players with additional resources for successful completion!

Find out more on the official game website!

Targem Games turns 15!

27 January, 13:09

We have come a long way, and a small circle of like-minded people has grown into the largest game developer in the Urals region of Russia with more than 90 employees.

We are never afraid to experiment, and over 15 years our portfolio has grown with projects of all possible genres and platforms, from big MMOs to console and VR games.

Targem Games team is proud to have people who love their job, so our main goal is always to make games that are exciting for the players.And after all this time, looking back, we would like to note the projects that still have a special place in our hearts.

Our first stop in this list is of course Hard Truck Apocalypse. The project launched in 2005 in collaboration with our first publisher ‘Buka’. The game has become a legend in the industry. Even after a decade the project is still remembered and loved by players and members of the development team. For many of them it was the first big project of their careers.

Armageddon Riders. This game is also very special since it was our first project released by Targem Games independently on PlayStation 3.On other platforms, the game was published by Game Factory Interactive.

In 2010 we started the fruitful collaboration with Gaijin Entertainment. Together with them we entered the then-new market of online games. One of the most famous and beloved Targem Games projects called the Star Conflict saw the light of day.The game was well received by fans of space and sci-fi, who dream of sitting at the helm of a spacecraft.

In 2015, post-apocalyptic trends and combined experience of Hard Truck Apocalypse and Star Conflict development teams united in the company's latest project Crossout. The project is now at CBT stage and is being actively developed to become the new legend of Targem Games.

Our project BlazeRush also deserves a special mentions, since this is where we acted not only as developers but also as publishers.The game was released on multiple platforms: Steam, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.In 2016 it was among the thirty first-party games for the ‘Oculus’ platform.And now it's getting ready to launch on Gear VR.

We are proud of the work we've done and we thank the players from around the world for supporting our projects. We hope that the next 15 years will be even more productive and exciting!