We are happy to announce the start of Closed Beta of a large storyline addition for Crossout — “Adventure”. Come alone or with friends, and earn resources for a unique weapon!

Story campaign

Whole settlements are going crazy in the Wasteland. At one point, their inhabitants lose their sanity and rush at each other with only one goal — to tear the opponent apart. The remaining few survivors scatter and wander the Wasteland in search of food, without any memories of a past life. You are one of them! In the course of the campaign, you will find out what happened, who is to blame, and decide what to do next. Will you manage to find allies in the fight against the unknown evil of the Wasteland? Can you find a way to get your memory back?

How to participate in CBT and get a unique weapon?

Players can start their “Adventure” at level three. At the moment, the “Adventure” mode is in closed beta testing. Access to it will be available to owners of the pack “Wholesale Recall”. Players can also submit an application to participate in testing on the official website of the game. The reward for completing missions in the mode is a special resource — “Engraved shells”. In the future, they can be spent on crafting unique weapons and decor for armoured vehicles.